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Dark brown leather desk pad with monitor setup - left angle

Look & Feel

Pleasing to the eye 
and to the touch.

Natural leather is soft and warm. It absorbs and release moisture, but it does not absorb dust. Pads made of natural leather have their own original texture what makes them unique.

Your hands enjoy natural leather touch during work on your laptop, keyboard or mouse. Leather removes friction and gives gentle feeling of soft surface.

Price starts from 60 €

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Resistant to damage caused by contact with the sun, water and stretch.

Leather itself is very strong material. 
It can last for several dozen years. 
One gram of leather has up to 300 square meters of internal surface because it is made of closely intertwined fibers.

Leather Desk pad roll - ready for packaging
Black leather desk pad with monitor home office setup

How it works

First step is to measure and adjust your leather desk pad 1.

Adjust your 
leather desk mat

Select size. Then pick a color, add elements and decors.

Second step is to confirm your order and receive payments. 2.


Confirm your order information and provide us shipment details.

Crafting your leather desk blotter 3.


Our tailor makes a leather selection and starts crafting your desk pad. Usually whole process takes a week. Crafting a great thing requires time.

Packing your custom leather pad 4.


As soon as our craftman gave last touches to your leather pad, it is carefully packed into our safe eco-friendly box.

Delivery - safe and fast 5.


We hire best delivery companies to get fulfilled your order as fast as it can be done. We deliver to all countries in UE.

Leather desk mat is delivered. 6.

It's here!

Your pad is ready for mount on top of your desk. Let us know how happy you are about using our product.

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Regular price for Small Leather Pad starts from 60€

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max 140 cm
max 70 cm

Leather color





Additional elements


Leather texture, leather color may vary and it is common for natural leather production process. Leather desk pad may include some natural leather stains.